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Internship Program


Change the world, not the coffee filters.

Because the world needs you to be relentless. To never give up. To keep showing up every day. Showing God’s love to those who need it most.

An internship at Love Never Fails International is an opportunity for you to explore career paths in the nonprofit sector.

Options available:

-Office in Metuchen, NJ

-Graphics Designing

-Website designing

-Office administration


-Office in India working the LNFI Children

-Teaching English in India

-Videography and photography in India

-Many more options in India. Contact us 888-280-0789


We promise that you won’t get stuck by the copy machine, or running to Starbucks for your manager. Your time is valuable here! And because we value your contributions to the organization we’ll show you the ropes to bring change to the world.

We want to help you develop your professional skills and grow in your faith while putting your passions to good use.  If you’ve always wanted to see the inner workings of a Christian ministry non-profit – then Love Never Fails International is the place for you!

Apply for an Internship

We want your internship at Love Never Fails International to be mutually beneficial, so we try to match our interns with exciting projects in their area of interest.  Be sure to thoughtfully consider your passions, skills, and interests and apply for the internships that align most closely with them.

Once you have submitted your application, our Intern Coordinator will let you know if you will be moving forward with an interview. If we determine your background and interests are a good fit for one of our positions, you’ll have an opportunity to interview with a specific manager to hear about the projects you could be working on. Soon after, you will be contacted with a hiring decision!

Love Never Fail’s International internship program not only provides real work experience that makes a difference for children in the slums…but also for your future as well!

Internships are managed daily by the LNFI Leadership Team. So you’ll get to serve alongside and learn from professionals who are experts in the field, joining an organization that is impacting the youth for India.

We are looking for people who have a heart for the Lord and want to serve Him on the mission field. You would live nearby the children’s center in Nagpur, India. We need interns to help our children grow in their English skills, affirm them of the love of Jesus, and other internship duties can be discussed if you sense the Lord tugging your heart to India to join us.

We view your work as an intern as your investment – not only for your own personal and professional development, but also for God’s kingdom. We view our work with you as an investment, too – building up a future pillar of the faith for vulnerable children.


Roles of Volunteers and Interns


These children’s age range from 1 year to 15 years. Volunteers and interns should give love, hope, care, and education to the children of India. In this project, duties may include:

  • -Teach Basic English and Math
  • -Help them in preparing to go to school, checking their uniforms, and cleanliness of the kids
  • -Develop creative programs such as dance, arts, music, etc.
  • -Organize physical and sports activities
  • -Help children with various health and personal hygiene needs
  • -Teach life-skills
  • -Housekeeping, cooking, serving food to the children
  • -Teaching Bible scriptures, stories, and encouragement


Qualifications and Skills


People with kind heart, compassion and love for the children are required for this placement.

To be in agreement with our statement of faith in Jesus Christ.

For more information and an application please contact us at: info@loveneverfailsindia.com or 888-280-0789 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST.