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Love Never Fails International is bringing hope to children,
transforming communities in India

Uplift a child and share hope with a family in India

Many communities in India have toiled hard for generations simply to survive. Some men and women haven’t had the privilege of pursuing an education themselves, and they are helpless to give one to their children.

But God loves these children deeply, and He is working in part through LNFI’s Bridge of Hope Program to give them a chance for a better future.

Bridge of Hope child sponsorship gives more than 1,000 needy children a daily meal and regular medical checkups for their physical health and development. The program helps the children with their education so they can one day get a good job and afford sufficient food, decent clothing, medical supplies and other necessities of life for themselves and for their families. Beyond this, Bridge of Hope provides the children with opportunities to pursue and even excel in their God-given skills and interests. When you sponsor a child you bring hope to a family and help break the cycle of poverty.

Bridge of Hope staff members are the hands and feet of Christ to the students and their families, serving them with genuine love, compassion and respect. They maintain relationships with the parents and children and offer them counsel, encouragement and, ultimately, give them hope.

Through Bridge of Hope, God is enabling these children to become all they possibly can be, so they can one day be a blessing to many others throughout India.


Sponsorship is food for the soul. You’ll never be the same after sponsoring with Love Never Fails International.

Priscilla D., Phoenix, AZ

Sponsoring a child with Love Never Fails has been one of the most meaningful and fulfilling things to be a part of. Nothing makes me happier than sending and receiving letters with my sponsored child.

Doreen J., San Francisco, CA

I sponsor 12 kids and have been filled with such joy! I also traveled with Love Never Fails to India where I have seen the work and met my sponsored kids. Trust me when I say the relationships are real and your letters matter.

Christine P., Manhattan, New York

Payal’s Story

A young girl who lost her parents, but was given hope.

Payal’s Story

“I’m very happy here living at the children’s home.” Payal told me one day.

Payal is content now, if not completely happy. Children like her can never be completely and utterly healed in their lives, but they can at least be safe and comfortable. And loved. She can have food when she is hungry, and comfortable clothes to keep her warm, and sympathetic people around her who understands what she has been through.

But this was not how Payal’s life started. She had been through more hardship in her short life than most people have to endure all their lives.

In one of the remote, backward villages of India, a women committed the ultimate crime that has no forgiveness – she fell in love. In her heart, she was pure, and things facilitated. Unfortunately, physical relationship outside of marriage is not only frowned upon in India, but a crime. Her whole village, as well as her own family, were against the match and this ultimately drove the couple apart. Instead of standing by her in this dire moment of helplessness, the man left, disappeared into the night, leaving the women in tears of desperation.

However, the women could not forget this matter even if she tried, as she discovered, with a shock, that she was pregnant. As an unmarried pregnant woman, she faced immense wrath from her loved ones, and had to ultimately decide to abort the child. The decision had to be taken quickly before others in the village came to know about her decision; there was no way that the baby could live.

It was the women’s decision to abort the child, encouraged by her family members. But when the moment of truth arrived, she changed her mind. Blinded by the love she felt for her unborn child, the woman decided to have the child. Because she couldn’t keep the baby with her, she decided to give it up for adoption.

That unborn child is Payal, and this story was that of Payal’s mother.

This is how Payal started her cruel life in this world.

Payal was ultimately adopted as a new-born, but by a couple who weren’t very well-off themselves. They lived in a slum and barely had enough to eat. Technically an orphan, Payal didn’t really find love in her adoptive mother; rather, she was beaten, tortured and mentally abused. Her husband, however, loved Payal. He was the father the child had always wanted – kind and supportive. He gave Payal all the love the little girl deserved after such a traumatic beginning.

Then, disaster struck once again. Both her adoptive parents were diagnosed with HIV, and they were in the last stage, with no chance of recovery or sustainability. Ultimately, they both became too ill to take care of Payal, and she had to leave the first home she had known in her life. It was heart-breaking for Payal to leave the man she knew as her father, the only person who had been kind to her in her tiny life.

She was sent to live with neighbors and distant relatives of her adoptive parents, but she wasn’t welcomed anywhere. Always a burden because she was both too young to earn and a girl, she was tossed around from family to family like a game of hot potato. No one truly loved her and no one wanted to keep her. She was as unwelcome as a deadly virus in homes, with no one to show her any kindness. She was still loved by some people, but not enough that anyone would want to take her responsibility.

It was one family that approached the orphanage with whom Payal was living at that time. They cared for the child but were not financially stable to support her. They wanted a happy environment for Payal which they couldn’t provide themselves, but wanted to.

The Children’s Home was already at maximum capacity when Payal came. We had so many children we wanted to help but not enough funds to do so. We understood that this little girl had nowhere to go that could give her the safety and comfort that she needs. She needed a family who loved her, even if that meant an orphanage.

Therefore, even though it was almost impossible, Payal wasa taken in under our refuge. We
wanted to soothe this little girl and make her forget all the heartbreaks she had gone through in her life. Payal came to live with us in the middle of 2015 and immediately made our orphanage her home. She adjusted like fish to water. She had been through a lot of different homes and families in her short life, so living among strangers wasn’t something new to her. When she came to live here, Payal knew that this was just another place for her to stay for a few days, or weeks so kept her guard up.

However, living at the orphanage, this was the first time in her life that Payal felt completely at peace. She was not, for once, among people who thought of her a burden, but with people who cared for her. This was their primary purpose, to care for her and nurture her back to wholeness with the Love of the Father in Heaven. She was among other children who had also seen hardship in their lives and finally found a home.

God has big plans for Payal. As long as she is with us, she will never feel alone again. If we fail to provide her with the physical comforts that she deserves, she will never again feel unloved and unwanted. As with the other children who live with us, Love Never Fails International will always try to make Payal’s life a happy one.

But we do need your help in this!

“What are the chances someone would come along and raise Payal in a Godly family, give her the best English education and make her feel worthy of love in this life?” Not good. But God cares enough about Payal to make this miracle a reality by the generous givers of Love Never Fails!

There are so many children in India who need help and rescuing, just like we had been able to help Payal. What would Payal’s life be like if LNFI was not there to help her? Would she ever get the help she needed, have a home with love not abuse, and come to know about Jesus?

Today, Payal is comfortable and loved. Tomorrow, we want to give the same to another child and another child, and as many as we can with your help on this journey to do something meaningful in this life that gives us a deeper sense of meaning.

As for Payal, she now has a sense of stability in her life, a new confidence that would have not been possible a few years back.

Until then, we have our sponsors to thank to make her present life possible.

Please join in our fight to have 1) Have a deeper sense of meaning to this life and 2) rescue these children that need our help.

We have served over 15,000 orphans and children since 2010. We have, at present, 10 centers all around the country of India and counting. We can’t do this work without your support. There is a child waiting for your needed support, somewhere. For only $39 a month, you can save a child just like Payal. And you might just find what you were looking for in all the wrong places; a deeper sense of meaning in this life.

So, sign up now. Select a boy or girl. You’ll receive all their info and exchange personal letter and pics to watch them grow to who God made them to be.

You can make an incredible difference in the lives of children and their families through LNFI’s Bridge of Hope Program. For each $39 monthly pledge you make, you’ll receive the photo and personal information of a child you can pray for, write letters to and build a relationship with. By God’s grace, your sponsorship can impact the rest of their lives. Through you, the child you sponsor and their family will gain a far brighter future, and many will experience incredible love.

Sponsor today and receive a packet that includes a child’s photo and personal information, along with letter-writing materials, which will give you an opportunity to form a relationship with your child.