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98% of reviewers would recommend LNFI to a friend.

What Our Sponsors Are Saying:

Worth every penny

Richmond, Virginia

I am so encouraged and blessed by the work being done by the team at LNFI. Getting involved and sponsoring a child has been worth every penny. We feel like we have a daughter that just happens to live in India. We pray for her and encourage her in all that she does. We remind her that God loves her and has given us the blessing of being a small part of her life. LNFI does a tremendous job communicating with us and our sponsored child. In addition we will be donating to other upcoming needs.

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Wonderful Ministry

Marmora, NJ

My husband and I love supporting LNFI, we are always informed of what’s going on and what our child (Purnima) needs, how she’s doing, and any other needs the program has that we can help with. It really makes us feel like we’re more involved than just sending monthly tithes. It’s amazing what Johnathan and his team are doing for the children of India.

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Great Job! Keep it up!

Jupiter, Fl

I enjoy the sponsorship program. It's great to get letters and photos and have the chance to interact with and meet the needs of Guru.

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Sponsorship has changed my life!

Findlay, Ohio

I love sponsoring through LNFI. It has been such a blessing to be able to partner with such a kind and Christ-centered organization that is making a huge impact for the kingdom of God in India. In sponsoring through LNFI I have not only found joy in financial partnership, but also a valuable friendship with my sponsor child as we pray for each other. Not only will the life of your sponsor child be changed, but so will you!

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Making a big difference

Midlothian, VA

A sponsorship with LNFI is unlike any other. You will be making a profound difference in the life of the child you sponsor. LNFI not only provides for the physical needs of the most impoverished children, but also their educational, emotional, and physical needs, giving the best chance for them to escape the poverty and life of hardship they were born into. The LNFI team is committed to establishing a relationship with you and your child. Don't wait another day to change a life!

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Great Program

Galloway, NJ

One of the best Christian programs available for supporting underprivileged children. Great staff and great leadership whose hearts are for the LORD. Thankful to be able to support such a blessed program.

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Denton, NC

When I first traveled to India, I met these 2 little girls who stole my heart. They were in an orphanage that was not part of LNFI. When COVID hit, I learned that they were sent back home to their village and I had no way to know if they were okay, or even where they were. A year later, by the grace of God, I found out that they came to a LNFI center and are now being loved and cared for by LNFI and I could sponsor them! Through LNFI I can help make sure they are given a better life!

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Richmond, VA

LNFI’s Christian child sponsorship program has become a way for me to evangelize to families halfway around the world. It began with child sponsorship. Through writing letters, exchanging pictures, and joyfully giving monetary gifts, a sense of closeness and love develops with one’s sponsored child. With simple expressions of love, appreciation, and thanksgiving. I love receiving letters from “my girls.” Their letters and pictures motivate me to quickly respond back. Thank you LNFI!

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Phoenix, AZ

Sponsorship is food for the soul. You will never be the same after sponsoring with Love Never Fails International.

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Manhattan, NY

I have sponsored 12 kids and have been filled with such joy! I have also traveled with Love Never Fails to India where I have seen the work and met my sponsored kids. Trust me when I say the relationships are real and your letters matter.

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

San Francisco, CA

Sponsoring a child with Love Never Fails has been one of the most meaningful and fulfilling things to be a part of. Nothing makes me happier than sending and receiving letters with my sponsor child.

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Piscataway, NJ

LNFI sends me feedback as to where the money will be spent. I receive pictures and letters. I can rest assured that Anjali in India is being fed well, getting help with her schoolwork, learning about health and hygiene, developing her social skills, and being taught Scripture-based values as a direct result of my sponsorship and letters to her. My girl can achieve her dream of becoming a police officer one day, have access to clean water, health care, and be protected from violence.

Yes, I would recommend LNFI to a friend.

Sponsor a Child Reviews

Love Never Fails International is a ministry based on trust. We know that when you sponsor a child, you are trusting us to operate with integrity and transparency. We take your trust seriously. These sponsor a child reviews give us a good idea of how our sponsors feel about their relationship with our ministry. In fact, each one of these sponsor a child reviews could be seen as a gauge of the confidence our sponsors have in us.

We are confident that you can trust us, but know that sometimes hearing from others can help build this trust. This is why we provide all sponsor a child reviews from existing and former Love Never Fails International sponsors for you to read, including complaints.

Sponsoring a child is not a decision to take lightly. We encourage you to do your research. Spend some time in prayer about whether God is calling you to this ministry. Read sponsor a child reviews from of current and former LNFI sponsors.

Hopefully our sponsor a child reviews will give you confidence in our trustworthiness and help make this decision a little simpler.

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