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Helping children overcome poverty.

We provide a quality education for children in poverty and a food bank for orphans and widows.
Above all, we provide the Good News message about Jesus.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Based on our program model that leverages the food and essential items our generous partners donate, we can stretch our operating budget and the impact of your dollar.

Good Stewardship

91% of expenditures went to Program Services in fiscal year 2022.

Love Never Fails is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Transparency and Trust

Since 2009

$5Feed a Child For Two Weeks


Your donation of nutritious meals for two weeks can make a big impact on a child's life. Join us in bringing smiles and hope to these young hearts. Together, we can create a brighter future!

We Give Children in Poverty Hope and a Solution

Igniting hope to the the poorest children with a quality education, healthy food distribution, and a LNFI boys & girls club!

The Problem In Poverty...
Forced Child Labor
High School Dropout
Child Brides
Serving Orphans

Love Never Fails provides orphan care for girls and boys that come from troubled backgrounds: orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable. When they come to the orphanage, it’s like they are coming to heaven. They not only get a new home, but a new life. We employ locals within the community. We have a designated living quarters on our campus where foreign volunteers can come to volunteer their talents, and enjoy spending time with the children while serving with Love Never Fails.

  • Nirali

    Abandoned by her father and trapped in poverty, Nirali had no hope for her future — until her LNFI community staff believed in her. Love Never Fails International changed her future by providing her an education, access to the LNFI Food Bank, and an LNFI after school Boys & Girls Club.

  • Nazia

    Nazia grew up in the slums where education was not a priority due to the need for survival. Many girls drop out of school at the young age of 12 in Nazia's slum. Nazia's life took a positive turn when she started receiving educational assistance, nutritious food and a fun place to learn and grow at the LNFI Boys & Girls Club.

  • Roshani

    Roshani's parents are uneducated, poor, and left the state to find work. Roshani had to live with her blind grandparents. She was not able to attend school. A staff member from LNFI brought her to the LNFI Children's Center. Roshani is now thriving in an English school and comes to our after school club to have fun and receive tutoring.

$25 feeds a family for 1 week.

Your one-time meal = Someone’s 1 week meal

Join 2,300+ others

Your money would only be used to provide food to feed a needy family.


$30 will support a child in poverty to attend an English school for 1 month.

A quality education is crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Join 3,900+ others

Your money would only be used to sponsor a child’s education.


$25 will provide a child in poverty with a new outfit.

Uplift a child’s confidence & see them do wonders.

Join 1,200+ others

Your money would only be used to provide clothes for a child in poverty.


Help Where the Need is Greatest

Your donation helps children when they need it most.

  • Hunger Crisis
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Natural Disaster
Join 3,700+ others

Your money would only be used to help children where they need it most.




Each of LNFI’s well managed locations holds true to our 14 year track record helping thousands of children ­with effective programs – kids that enter our programs have a 97% rate of graduating to the next grade, including college.

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We want you to know that your donation is an investment that will continue to gain interest as the child develops. We have proven policies and audited accounting procedures in place for our staff in India and USA. This ensures your donation is going to the children with a strict structure that leads to an impact that will a life-time, of the child.

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We have helped over 200,000 children over the years with accessing an education, providing healthy food, and an after school center where the child can have fun and develop. While we don’t confess to have all the answers at LNFI, we have seen many children come through our programs and enter into a new life, graduating college, starting a career, and moving out of poverty. It’s our mission!

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About Our Founder

Dr. Johnathan Kraus, PhD, former college professor, Harvard educated, and mental health Doctor, has dedicated his life to being a guiding light for India’s impoverished children, helping them triumph over the darkness of trauma and poverty.

His compelling story unfolds as a cinematic tale of triumph against all odds. From a 9th-grade dropout to a mental health doctor, his transformation is a beacon of hope to the children he serves. He stands tall in the face of adversity, tirelessly working to ignite hope in the hearts of traumatized children.

Johnathan lives in New Jersey. His favorite hobbies are attending his alumni Rutgers University football and basketball games, reading mental health books, and spending quality time with his son and daughter, his heart and soul.

Dr. Johnathan Kraus
Founder & Executive Director