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Johnathan’s Story


Johnathan didn’t always walk in the presence and power of God. For many years he lived a drug addicted life. He began using drugs as a teenager which led him to drop out of High School in 9th grade, lose job after job, and resulted in depression. At age 19 God radically saved him and by age 20 he was involved in local ministry work.

As God would have it, Founder and President Dr. Johnathan Kraus, is a Rutgers University graduate. From there, he went on to earn his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry at Trinity Seminary. He also earned his Ph.D in Counseling from Northwestern Seminary. 


Answering The Call To India


He was a former college professor and grade school teacher in the USA, before leaving all in obedience to answering the call of God in 2010. He first lived in a village for seven months, worked at an orphanage in Kedgaon, Maharashtra with 250 orphans, taught multiple subjects in a Christian village school, studied Marathi language, and partnered with natives to facilitate a Jesus film out-reach ministry.          

Then, God called him to work with the children of the slums and streets of Mumbai. Through much prayer and wise counsel, God led our founder in the direction to birth a new ministry, Love Never Fails International. The vision is to rescue children out of the slums and streets of India and share the Gospel of Jesus. 

Shiny’s Story


As God would have it, Johnathan married an Indian woman, Shiny. They met at the orphanage Johnathan first served at. She had no easy beginning growing up in an orphanage. But with God’s Grace Shiny completed her bachelor degree in nursing and was working full-time as an ER Nurse in Mumbai before they married. After marriage Shiny left her job to join the ministry work and focus on Orphan Care. Today they serve with others to care for 15 children at the House of Oneness Orphanage, currently constructing a new orphanage for 20 more kids, and have 33 centers throughout 7 cities in India impacting children in the slums with the Gospel of Jesus..

Shiny and Johnathan now lead the ministry together. Shiny has a powerful tear provoking testimony of being abandoned at an orphanage at only 6 months old never to meet her parents. She shares at churches her experience rejected as an orphaned child, coming to God, and now living her dream out of working at an orphanage helping others. They have a son and live in New Jersey.

Yours for the children of India, 

Johnathan and Shiny Kraus