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Volunteer Testimonials

I’ve been to India 6 times but this trip was different than my other trips with different ministry. This trip with Love Never Fails was to visit my 3 girls I sponsor. Seeing them face to face takes this responsibility of sponsorship to a new and glorious level. My child sponsorships through LNFI has risen to greater heights and responsibilities in a way that I can embrace and really feel connected with my girls. I’m back in America, the communication continues with letters, pics, and sending them gifts, until my next visit to India with LNFI.

Douglas P.


There were a million reasons why I shouldn’t go. I’m not an evangelist. I don’t have any special talents. I don’t have $3,500 lying around. I’ve never been out of Kentucky much less on another continent. I’m not a physically ambitious person. I can’t survive without electricity or running water. But I only needed one reason to go: I was called.

Mary Smith


When my sister first asked me to go on this mission trip I was so excited because I thought I could help make a difference with others in need. What I did not expect was for my life to be completely changed! I went thinking people in India needed me, but quickly realized it was I who needed them. God used this trip to change my life!

Jane Jennigan

Bozeman, Montana

We couldn’t turn down the opportunity to visit India even though our daughter was only 1 yr old and it was hot season. When we got there we were just blown away by how the kids welcomed us! They all made hand crafted cards for us. To come and see the work of Love Never Fails taking in street children that are now living transformed healthy lives full of joy was mind blowing. Before we left, the kids even prayed for us.

Jacob, Sarah, and Hosanna

St. Louis, Missouri

I agonized about whether I should sign up for this trip or not. Going was the best decision I’ve ever made. The U.S. staff and the field staff were fantastic in making sure we were always safe, the accommodations were excellent, and we never went hungry. Visiting the child development centers was a life changing experience and you will never understand how much your sponsorship and letters do for children unless you experience it for yourself. Worth every penny and more.

Jim L.


I came to India to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free. But it was my heart that was healed. I already applied to come on the next LNF mission trip. I had no idea that India would have changed my life!

Pam Parker

Old Bridge, New Jersey

I met with kids rescued from the streets being forced to live and do things many of us would not even mention. Now, by the grace of God they live in a safe home and found the love of Jesus. They were taught to pray and when they gave us a farewell prayer these 12 kids prayed like warriors not little children.

Charlie Schnieder


The greatest take away for me on this trip was to never underestimate the love that can be shared between people on a short term mission trip.

Patricia Daniel

North Carolina

The greatest surprise on this trip was the gratitude and love of these children from receiving the simplest of things – including our time. We had some really meaningful talks as roommates and on the bus. These children will forever be in my heart.

Debbie Roadarmel

Pleasanton, California

The staff were very warm. The thing I will miss most is the laughter of the children. My greatest takeaway from this trip by Love Never Fails is to Love More Deeply.

Adrienne G.

New Jersey

Getting off the bus and seeing the children lined up was my favorite memory. The staff had so much love for me it was overwhelming. I loved being around them. I had some physical issues with my knee but no devil was taking me out! Always GO when God says to Go!

Angela L.

New Jersey

Our trip to Mumbai and Nagpur India with Love Never Fails International was one of the best experiences of our lives. As a family with two teenage boys, we were used in ways we never thought imaginable. We are eternally grateful to the amazing team of LNF on the ground that took great care of us!

Bill, Trish, Connor and Tyler Ballingall

Westfield, NJ

Being a part of this mission trip has been so fulfilling. God brought me out of my comfort zone and led me forth in different ways. My time in India prior to this trip consisted only of visits to family but I saw, for the first time, a new type of India. Morning devotions with the team were so empowering. I felt that each day of the trip had a story of its own, and there were no ‘random’ events – every person we met on the trip was placed there by God.

Sravya Pailla

Edison, NJ

Going to India with Love Never Fails was truly a remarkable experience. I was absolutely astonished by the degree of impact that Love Never Fails is having on those they serve. Seeing how lives are literally being changed was such a blessing. LNF did a wonderful job to make our stay healthy and comfortable. It was an experience I will truly never forget. Love Never Fails is doing things God’s way.

Pastor Michael Shahid

Bayshore Christian Fellowship

Hazlet, NJ

The 2017 Mission trip to India was above and beyond what I imagined or hoped for. It was such a special experience to be part of a team. LNF did a superb job of preparing us as individuals and as a team for the task at hand. I was awestruck to witness where the kids had come from and to see how far they have come! I have grown a lot as a result of this trip.

Jeanie Hosken

Hartford, Connecticut

From the moment I stepped foot in India, it felt so surreal to me. The moment I walked into the children’s center the smiles on the children’s faces, the love that they showed from that instant was just unexplainable. The greatest part of the trip was spending time with the children. The love they poured out on me was everything I have ever wanted to experience.

Lea Lozado

New Jersey

For a while, I felt God had been calling me to the mission field. However, I was reluctant to go searching for an opportunity. The chance to join the LNF trip came, and I instantly knew this was from God. The timing was awful with work and school at age 29. Despite multiple challenges, God’s will came to pass. In India I saw God move when I prayed for a group of teenage girls and tears flowed down their faces. This was the moment that I knew why God had called me. Sometimes when God calls you, you may feel inadequate and unprepared.

Shahnaz Kanda

New Jersey

Being part of the Love Never Fails trip to India was a life changing experience. When I found out about this trip I knew right away that I was called to be part of the team. The people of India are beautiful and caring. It was an honor to be there and minister to them, and they to us. God moved mightily through the team.

Tanya Jones

Union, New Jersey

The November 2017 Love Never Fails mission trip to India was rewarding. I most enjoyed all of the people we met and how warm and open they were. This trip gave me a greater appreciation for the struggles that other people face and encouraged me to draw closer to the Lord and a desire to serve others more.

Courtney Assur

Jupiter, Florida

I was so blessed to be a part of the mission trip to India. I was blown away by the scope and impact of this ministry on children’s lives. LNF is the best-kept-secret of New Jersey and I hope going forward everyone engages with this ministry. What stood out to me is the LOVE that is bestowed upon these kids. It was heart-warming and very moving. I hope God expands their territory to reach millions of kids one day. I cannot wait to continue to support and impact the lives of the kids in India.

Jinu Thomas

Bridgewater, New Jersey

Our team was united, supporting of each other, and demonstrated genuine care for one another. I experienced so much joy in pouring out God’s love to adults, children and teenagers in all the various places we ministered in India. The mission trip to India will be an experience I will never forget.

Diane Sardanopoli

Wanaque, New Jersey

It’s hard to imagine the memories that would have been forfeited if I would have succumbed to the fear of going on this mission trip. We visited a tribal village that looked like it came right out of the page in National Geographic. You don’t get to do that everyday. With the Indian sun beating down on us and the breeze on our faces as we gazed at the Indian ocean, it was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. I could literally sense God enjoying how much we were enjoying his creation.

Michelle Rosa