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About Us

Love Never Fails International began in 2009. Our founder, Dr. Johnathan Kraus felt the calling to leave his teaching career in NJ, USA to go to India and help children that were suffering from poverty; orphans, street beggars, and children in the slums. This all started after watching the movie Slumdog Millionaire with his friends from Church who were Indian.

After God spoke to his heart he continued his teaching position in NJ, but would return home each day to fall on his knees crying out to the Lord in tears to open a door to India where he could reach suffering children and provide hope in Jesus. At the time, Johnathan had no connections to make his dream a reality. With much fasting and praying God began to open doors to India and Johnathan moved there in 2010 with passion, love, and a God size vision to see many children in India set free from the internal pain and suffering of poverty and come to Jesus.

He began to ask people to come along side of him in this work and support financially. Many said “YES”! And LNFI began to grow. Today many people are involved with their support and prayers. They are filled with joy to be a part of this life saving ministry serving the most vulnerable children in India. Whether big or small they feel the joy that comes from giving and serving the Lord! They chose to make their story of a life of giving and being part of God writing a new beautiful story in the lives of children in India, that once had now hope.

Today, with the giving and support from our donors and work of LNFI children not only in India but all across the world are receiving life changing opportunities they desperately need and deserve – opportunities many of us take for granted. Things like an: education, healthy meals, clothes, health care, protection from sexual and physical exploitation, and most important of all, hearing the Gospel of Jesus is what LNFI provides for their children.

Love Never Fails International is a 501 C3 organization. We have an independent CPA Firm audit our finances and have demonstrated excellence in handling your donation and putting them to work to make a difference. We are BBB Charity and GuideStar Accredited, which is the highest level of financial transparency and accountability an organization can demonstrate. 91% of all donations go directly to the children they serve. We care about their donors, use the money wisely, honestly, and to make an impact for the Kingdom. We do all this so you can give with peace, confidence, and trust, that your donation is going to make a change in the world for good, for Jesus.


If you have any questions or would like to get more involved with our work, please contact us at          1-800-783-4157 or email us at info@loveneverfailsindia.com


The LNFI Team