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Fatima is an 11 year old girl from Mumbai. She lives next to the city dump of 23 million people. She is an intelligent, curious child who loves school. Her conditions though, are less than ideal. Her father got into a fight with her mother one day. He poured gasoline on her mother and lit her on fire. Then he poured the gas on himself and ignited into flames. In a moment Fatima was orphaned and unable to go to school. A heart broken child was sent to live with her bedridden granny in the slums where she is at risk of sexual exploration and abuse.

Her dream is to become a teacher someday but her greatest fear is that she will be unable to attend school regularly due to her pathetic home situation and the poverty around her.

She says that the day Love Never Fails International came into her life she found a hope she never had before. She immediately was put into our center and began to be educated. Then she was moved to English School where she attends 6 days a week. LNFI began to bring food rations to her home along with essential supplies for hygiene. She was taken on several shopping trips where she was able to buy clothes and items needed for home.

We hope to make Fatima's dream come true by helping her receive a quality education, discipleship, and nourishment for her body.