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Feb 26,ST 2022

Abandoned by her parents

Roshani, a small fragile girl might be cute but it doesn’t matter when it comes to the reality of poverty. Her parents saw no hope in her village and left to move out of state, with out her. They left her with her grandparents who are both blind and unable to walk.

It was not before long one of our Love Never Fails’ staff brought her into her own home. It’s now Love Never Fails who is caring for her, rightfully so. Here’s a picture of her grandmother in their tiny little mud hut in a remote village of India.

Surely Roshani has a long road ahead of her but it doesn’t have to be all tears of sadness. Today with the help of a sponsor she’s back in school, and a private English School to really help her succeed.

She might not have her parents, but she has Love Never Fails’ support who are helping to carry the burden Christ called us to endure for one another. She also has all her friends at the center where they are fed a healthy meal each day. She’s also learning about the love God has for her.

Get involved, help a child in poverty.