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October 2,ST 2021

Finding Her True Identity

As the daughter of a poor alcoholic farmer, Priscilla was destined to a life of heart ache and poverty.

Here’s her testimony she wanted to share to give thanks to God…….

My family is very poor. My father is a farmer, and my mother is a housewife. They both work very hard but still can’t earn enough to provide me basic things.

We’ve often had no food at the table, and I could only dream of a pink dress or a pair of shoes. We don’t even have a proper house. It’s made of mud. One day it rained so much my house melted and we had to sleep in the open and the mosquitos kept me up all night itching.

Mature Beyond Her Age

There was one thing Priscilla wanted more than clothes and pretty things. She wanted to study.

As I saw my parents working hard for little money, I knew that studying was the only way to help them. With a good education, I would get a good job and buy a proper house for all of us.

But, there was a problem. My parents couldn’t pay for my school fees. I couldn’t go to school and study. When I thought about it to much I would run into the forest and cry.

The only thing I could do was to dream about it.

A Girl With A Big Dream

In Priscilla’s dream, her book was a magic ticket to a better world. Her pencil was a key to a magic gate. Like millions of children in India Priscilla dreamed of the day the school gate would open for her.

She dreamed, and dreamed, day by day, year by year, She began to lose all hope. Until one day.

One day, she got a key to the magic gate. It was the gate of the Love Never Fails International Center that just opened up in her small village 7 hours away from the closest airport.

“LNFI gave me the education I’ve always wanted.”

LNFI gave her the ticket to a better world.

I study hard to be a good student.

I am so grateful to my LNFI teacher. They are the reason why I’m here.

I am so happy to be a student at the LNFI center. Today I have tears, but they are happy tears. One day, I will be able to help someone else as Jesus has helped me.